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Property Types

We Can Provide Financing For A Wide Variety Of  Properties

The expertise of East Coast Commercial’s Real Estate  professionals to determine the proper value for your clients’ commercial property – and take advantage of the simplicity and speed of our programs to simplify their financing.

Eligible properties  include:Mixed Use/Apartment Buildings – These properties integrate residential spaces with commercial uses, such as retail or office space. Often these properties have a ground floor retail store or office with apartment(s) above, all in the same building.                

Self-Storage Facilities – Now one of the most competitive building classes in the country, these facilities are designed primarily for storage. This category also includes cold storage,  RV and boat storage facilities, and truck terminals (transit facilities). Retail/Office Buildings – Designed for retail or office sales  and display, this category includes stand-alone buildings such as offices, supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, department stores, bakeries, and beauty shops – as well as strip centers, and neighborhood and community shopping centers. 

Warehouses/Light Industrial  Properties – Single and multi-tenant facilities that are used for warehousing, light manufacturing, distribution,  research and development. Does not include buildings where heavy manufacturing or specialized industrial operations such as welding occur.   Automotive Services – Includes everything from auto repair  facilities to retail auto shops and part supply stores. 

Special Purpose/Unique  Properties – East Coast Commercial, Inc. will consider all commercial and unique properties that fall within our program guidelines and loan amounts, including day care and  educational facilities, funeral homes, campgrounds, outdoor  entertainment centers, trailer and mobile home parks and marinas.  Hotels/Motels – With our industry knowledge and expertise, we feel we understand the non-flagged world of hotels and motels better than most lenders. Our valuation assumptions are based on facts relative to the specific property.

Restaurants – We offer competitively priced financing for a wide range of properties, including owner-occupied and leased facilities as well as fast-food and full-serve restaurants in neighborhood settings                         

 Multi-Family Housing – We fund residential structures that contain five or more dwelling units in the same building. These multi-story buildings generally offer individual apartments for rent with common area facilities, such as an entrance, lobby,  elevator, stairs, hallway, walks or grounds.   Health Care – Included in this category are all Assisted Living or Nursing Home types of operations where a license is required to operate the business.

 Additional Property Types Include:Assisted Living Facility
Auto Collision  & Repair/Restaurantd Bed & Breakfast, Car Wash
Day Care,Funeral Homes, Hospitals, Motels/Motels,Industrial/Warehouse/Land Development,Manufactured Housing, Mini-Storage, Mixed Use
Multi-family Nursing Homes, Office Buildings, Retail, Single Tenant Owner  Occupied.